тестирование спортсменов с INSCYD

Для успешных и более эффективных результатов, я провожу тестирование спортсменов с помощью INSCYD.
Требуемая производительность спортсмена состоит из множества компонентов и метрик, но если вы сосредоточитесь только на FTP, выходной мощности или зонах сердечного ритма, вы упустите точность и эффективность.

Зачем проходить тестирование

INSCYD подходит абсолютно для всех спортстменов.
INSCYD принесет пользу тренировкам благодаря научному обоснованию и точности прогнозируемого результата.
С INSCYD вы получите полную картину своих физических возможностей, а также прогноз результатов ваших тренировок и гонок.
Производительность состоит из множества компонентов и показателей, но если вы сосредоточитесь только на FTP, пульсовых зонах или будете выполнять тренировку только по ощущениям, вы упустите точность и эффективность, что негативно скажется на результатах.
С INSCYD вы наконец-то сможете понять взаимосвязь между вашей аэробной системой и вашими питанием. Вы задаетесь вопросом: «Сколько я должен потреблять углеводов в час, чтобы поддерживать производительность?» С INSCYD вы это узнаете.

Для кого подходит INSCYD?

INSCYD takes into account, and connect to one another, the most important metrics for training purposes:

Что вы получите после тестирования INSCYD?

Пороговые значения для пульса и мощности/темпу (аэробный – АэП и анаэробный пороги – ПАНО)
Предельный уровень накопления лактата
МПК (VO2max) – максимальное потребление кислорода
Зона максимального жиросжигания по мощности/темпу
Оценка экономичности
Скорость накопления и утилизации лактата
Целевые значения мощности/темпа для развивающих и восстанавливающих работ
Прогноз результата и план питания на гонку
Тренировочные зоны по пульсу и мощности/темпу
From swimming sprints to 90-minute football matches, the maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max) is the single most important performance metric that needs to be looked at.

As often misunderstood, VO2max is not restricted by only raw physical talent, but it can be trained to unknown maximums. VO2max is also a metric that responds quickly to training, so it needs to be monitored regularly.

When you start a training program with US/COACHING BUSINESS NAME , I/WE will test your VO2max and I/WE will plan a coaching plan tailored to increase it, but not only. Through our performance software we also be able to:

  • Compare the effect of high-intensity trainings and endurance workouts on VO2max.
  • Evaluate the impact of specialized nutrition regimes to further increase VO2max.
  • Understand the impact of VO2max on fat oxidation and carbohydrate combustion.
Anaerobic threshold
It is commonly known and accepted that there is a critical intensity (or power) as the highest intensity that allows for a "steady state" in your metabolism. People call this the anaerobic threshold, critical power or velocity. Everybody knows it exists and everybody wants to increase it.

The commonly used methods to determine the anaerobic threshold are based on empirical findings within a certain population. But this has let to a lot of misunderstanding around anaerobic threshold and has restricted its assessment to some non-specific protocols. The most significant shortfall on the empirical determination of anaerobic threshold is that it doesn't provide any insight on the reasons why the anaerobic threshold is what it is.

By testing your AT with ME/US, you'll get it tested according to its main definition: the maximum intensity at which lactate combustion equals lactate production. These tests will benefit you with an improved understanding of your own performances and how they're composed. More precisely, you'll then get to:

  • Know the influence of physiological metrics on your anaerobic threshold.
  • Reduce the standard error of determination of the anaerobic threshold to < 3%.
  • Calculate the enhancement of anaerobic threshold by improving a single performance metric.
Lactate accumulation and recovery
In disciplines with a random interval-type work demand, such as cycling or football, repeated high-intensity efforts are unavoidable.

Every bout of sprinting and attacking may result in lactate accumulation. The duration and intensity that an athlete can recover from these efforts are absolutely crucial.

The ability to use lactate as a fuel and to actually use it to optimize your performance is absolutely crucial in high intensity sports. These kind of abilities are highly trainable and with ME/US you can start training them for real and see the real benefits in a very short time.
Fat and carbohydrates combustion
Fat combustion is the bottleneck of endurance performance in sports like running and triathlon. I/WEare also able to to measure and track this metric through our performance software – so you can create strategies to increase your energy expenditure from fat and thereby enhance your performance.


  • Fat combustion rates are highly individual metrics.
  • Accurately understanding fat combustion in is crucial in endurance sports.
  • Significant differences are observed both between different athletes, and between different states of training in the same athletes at different times.
  • Knowing the FatMax Zone allows you to train fat combustion most efficiently.
Carbohydrates combustion

It is also crucial to understand precisely how much carbohydrates you burn during exercise. With this understanding, you can find the perfect level of fueling for your trainings and races, and which level will actually fatigue or enhance your performance.

Fuel to perform

  • Focus on carbohydrate combustion and get tailored nutrition plans.
  • Perfecting intake of carbohydrates is trainable, but needs to be practiced.
  • Adjust pacing and plan a fueling strategy to avoid running out of fuel.
Conventional assessment of carbohydrate combustion based on gas analyses has significant limitations. Not only they are lab-based test only, but they also get affected by nutrition status. Scientific research has shown that neglecting lactate measurements when assessing carbohydrate combustion from gas exchange is misleading.

Through the use of MINE/OUR performance software you can finally compare your lactate production and compare it to the carbohydrate combustion one. The only way to produce lactate is by breaking down carbohydrates, thus lactate production is directly linked to carbohydrate combustion.

Measure where these metrics where it matters: on the track, on the climb, and on the field.

VLamax (or glycolytic capacity)
VLAmax can be looked at from two different sides. From one side, a low VLamax would increase your anaerobic threshold, your fat combustion and it would shorten your recovery time from hard efforts.

On the other hand, a high VLamax increases the power available for attacks, sprints and short efforts. The anaerobic capacity can actually make the difference between winning and losing a race: the final lap, the final sprint, the final push – they are all decided by your glycolytic power.

Vlamax is the most important metric you should focus on and train according to. You may have never heard of it because up until last year it was used only by pro teams and national federations. But now its benefits are opened to everyone and you can finally start connecting all the dots that compose your performances: metrics, training adaptations, race predictions …

Don't waste your time training the wrong way. Get tested with US/COACHING BUSINESS NAME , I/WE – know your VLamax – and tailor your training according to it.

Here is what Dan Lorang, coach of IRONMAN world champion Jan Frodeno says about VLamax

"You really know what to work on if you know the VLamax"


Сколько стоит тестирование?

400 BYN

450 BYN

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